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'A' Mountain symbolizes the cherished traditions of ASU

'A' Mountain

Few things say "Arizona State University” quite as proudly as “A’’ Mountain,” the 1,500-foot tall peak on which a 60-foot letter “A” is prominently displayed. 

It is a source of spirit and pride, the backdrop to many a Sun Devil sporting event, the mountain that first-year students climb and paint during their annual rite of passage, Echo from the Buttes, at the start of every school year. 

The Butte, officially named the Hayden Butte Preserve, is also the scene every Homecoming of ASU’s Lantern Walk, where students, friends and faculty ascend the incline, each carrying a light in another significant ASU tradition. 

ASU students were not the first to lay claim to the iconic symbol of ASU fame located on the southeast corner of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway. Its roots and storied past stretch far into the past. Learn more about the history of "A" mountain by clicking this button. 

History of "A" Mountain

'A' Mountain


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